Secret support


Hospitals have lots of secrets and I managed to find one of them. A hidden jellyfish under a worn down stairwell, silently cheering us nutcases on.


The smoker’s lounge

This is where we go to get our daily nicotine fix(es). One patient admitted at a time. At first, I thought they didn’t want us talking to each other but having had a manic episode two days ago, I wouldn’t want to be locked inside a closed room with me either.


Tales from the psych ward

IMG_0203Hello and welcome.

This is a blog from an anonymous patient at an unknown psychiatric ward somewhere in the North.

Through words and photographs I will try to battle and chronicle the bipolarness that has brought me here.

I choose to remain anonymous out of respect for my family and the patients I currently share my day with.

You are most welcome to follow or share your thoughts.

Peace, T.

Ps. This is the first time I write a blog and I’m still trying to find my way around and figure out how it works. Hope you’ll have patience with this confused bipolar patient.